SEAN Dyche is looking to recruit during January, but with this transfer window a notoriously tough one to operate in, he warned it will not be a “walk in the park”.

That is why the appointment of Mike Rigg as technical director is with a long-term view as far as the Burnley boss is concerned, although he is hoping for short-term gain too.

But he insists he is not putting immediate pressure on his latest backroom appointment, with Rigg holding a similar position for the FA of Wales for six years before going on to become Blackburn Rovers’ chief scout in 2006 then two years later head of player acquisition at Manchester City, where he helped to sign Yaya Toure, David Silva and Sergio Aguero.

Rigg will head up the process of talent identification and recruitment throughout the whole club, from Academy to first team.

But Dyche is not anticipating, or expecting, an overnight impact.

“I think the first thought is to add some new thinking and new ideas to the recruitment side of the club. That will probably develop over time but that’s certainly the first meat on the bones so to speak for him to really get his teeth into,” said the Clarets chief.

“We want to add layers to it and get more depth into our recruitment.

“That’s one of the key things. The model of recruitment, the depth, the knowledge, the increase in how we can work in order to get the next level of player that we need.

“Don’t get me wrong you land with a moment or a bit of knowledge on the player, but what I mean is he’s not been brought in for the next three months he’s been brought in for a long period to go from window to window.

“We’re looking with immediacy of course but there’s a longer term view of that side of the club, which the chairman’s made clear as well.”

Although mindful of the need to strengthen in the new year, particularly after dropping into the bottom three with Saturday’s defeat at Crystal Palace, Dyche said: “It’s not that easy, January is a really tough period.

“We had a tough summer window, we were looking to do more business than we did but it’s not that easy.

“So I don’t envisage January to be a walk in the park as regards signing players, we’ve got some we think might be situations we could affect, but who knows?

“We’re not looking for immediacy (with Rigg), we’re looking for him to build something over time, there’s no fast fix.

He added: “Now and again there might be a touch of knowledge here and there than can affect a quick fix, but generally you’re looking at his role to be built over time and improve the club over a period of time.”