We asked our fans' jury: A third of the way through the season, are you viewing this as more than just a ‘good start’ for Rovers?

IT has probably been better than we had dared to expect. Given the amount of injuries players have had then we might feel we are still "punching above our weight"

However, given the apparent team spirit and togetherness any setbacks have been adequately compensated for, driven by character and adaptability.

We have rode our luck so far, something very rare in Rovers' recent history, so we must ensure there is no complacency or sitting back to enjoy the view.

The January transfer window could, of course, change everything when unwanted predators will be coming to call.

Paul Yates

I DON’T think we could have realistically wished for a better start. The promotion brought an optimism and probably earned us a few points alone but the way that we've now shown greater resolve in games, especially faced with our recent injury problems is encouraging.

Of course there's games we could and should have won, but there's also games we could and should have lost - that's football.

The nucleus of the squad are the players who got us promoted and I'm sure Tony Mowbray is assessing his lot to see how we can better compete in this division with January's transfer window - and judging by Mowbray's interest in both Luke Freeman and John McGinn, he certainly knows what he's looking for. 

Kelvin Wilkins

DESPITE our brilliant start, I’m not just ready to view it more than anything other than that.

I don’t think even the most optimistic of Rovers fan could have predicted our start mind.

To have only lost three games is mightily impressive, although if I’m being critical we have drawn a few too many.

It is frustrating looking at where we would be, had we not conceded the late goals against Ipswich, Villa and Forest.

That being said, we have won games that maybe we didn’t deserve to. This sort of thing evens itself out over the course of a season.

I think that if we reach new year, and we are still breathing down the necks of those in the play-offs, then I think we can view it as something more.

There’s still a lot of football to be played though, and it’s still too early to view us as chasing the play-offs.

Tom Schofield