WE HAD just the one game this weekend and although we managed to get a 4-3 win over Nottingham Lions on Sunday, we made it a bit more difficult for ourselves.

It was a bit like last season in that we seemed to underestimate them, particularly with them being at home.

We had the game last month where we were 4-0 up at home before it got abandoned.

So it wasn’t as straightforward, but a win is a win and we really needed that.

Sometimes you don’t play that well but as long as you get the win that’s the main thing.

They were ahead three times but we kept bringing it back, and although we were a little bit disappointed with how we played, we showed good character to keep coming from behind.

We know that we can play a lot better and if we had played one of the better teams in the league then we may well have been beaten.

At the end of the day, when it comes to the end of the season all that anybody looks at is the points on the board and that’s what we managed to do.

We are seventh in the table, but have up to seven games in hand on some of the teams above us, so it’s difficult to judge where teams are at this stage.

We have double-headers on the next two weekends, and although we have away games at Sheffield and Solway, where it will be difficult to pick up a win, we would be looking to take home wins in games against Sutton and Solihull.

I feel better when it is a double-header as when it’s just the one game it can take you a bit of time to get in to the match, particularly when it’s away from home and such a late face-off, as it was against Nottingham on Sunday when we didn’t start until 7.30pm.

When you’re getting back at 2am and getting up for work at 6.15am it is difficult, and that is the side that most people don’t see.

When you play a double-header you can be doing it on both days.

But we have been doing it for years and do it because we love the game.