Tony Mowbray was pleased to see Rovers come out on top in an ‘ugly game’ at Ewood Park which lacked fluency throughout.

Bradley Dack’s penalty three minutes from time, after Ben Brereton was tripped, saw Rovers move up to eighth with victory over QPR.

It was a game which lacked fluency, with Rovers having the better of the chances in a tight game which looked destined to end 0-0 for long periods.

“An ugly game, a horrible game, with no fluency and no real quality, yet the referee kept stopping it and giving free kicks,” Mowbray told the Lancashire Telegraph.

“It looked 0-0 all the way, I think they had accepted 0-0 and we were trying to make attacking changes and it paid off for us.

“The lads came in after the game and they weren’t getting over-excited and know that you have to win ugly sometimes.

“We will be better and have been better and not got three points.

“We will put the three points in the bag, I don’t think anyone will remember the performance a month down the line.”

QPR came in to the game on the back of four wins in five, and four clean sheets, with Mowbray knowing it would be a long road back for his side should they concede first.

Referee Peter Bankes frustrated both benches, and teams, with a string of controversial decisions, though Mowbray was keen not to focus on his performance.

He added: “I said to them at half-time, make sure we don’t lose the game 1-0 as I didn’t really see a way back for us if they had have scored because they’d have made it even more difficult.

“It felt that it was going to be a 0-0, or one goal either way, and it could have easily been them coming in after a 1-0 win.

“I’ll try not to moan about the referee and be happy that we got the points.”

“All game long, I think in the first 10 minutes he must have got about 20 things wrong and you can moan all you like at the fourth official but nothing happens.

“I have this emotional battle with myself not to get involved with the fourth official or the referee’s decisions because he will just referee the game and I can’t affect it by telling him what he’s done wrong.

“I try not to get too concerned about.

“I’m sure Steve will be unhappy because he’s come out on the wrong side of a 1-0.

“I don’t want to discuss the referee’s performance though and we move on.”

Mowbray felt his side’s performance wasn’t up to the standards they’ve set so far this season, but admits the result was all that mattered.

“We didn’t really play well so I’m disappointed with the overall performance of the team,” he said.

“But it takes two teams to make a good game and it wasn’t a very good game but that doesn’t matter.

“Rothwell, Palmer, Brereton, Conway was brilliant last week at West Brom with his energy, drive and commitment, yet he had to sit on the bench.

“They will have all their day and as long as they’re at it when they’re called upon and fighting for the same cause then there won’t be any complaints.”