SEAN Dyche is hoping recruiting a technical director at Burnley will take some of the pressure off his shoulders and help the club in the transfer market.

The Clarets have been advertising for a 'technical director' role with football recruitment specialists Nolan Partners, but while Dyche said the exact job title is yet to be finalised, he has a clearer idea of how he envisages the role.

Dyche is behind the idea of bringing in someone to fill that role - with his close friend Mark Warburton linked with the job this week - and he believes it's a sign of Burnley's progress that help is now needed.

"We are trying to move the club forward on and off the pitch, all of this speaks to off the pitch in many ways, the structure, on the field with signings and adding to the sort of framework of the inner workings of the club and I think that is what it is more about," said Dyche.

"We feel that there is a possibility of a role that would fit and the possibility of looking at some people who might fit that role, forgetting about the title it is more about the role."

Whoever takes on the job will have a significant role in terms of transfers. It was a frustrating summer for Dyche and the Clarets, with only Joe Hart, Ben Gibson and Matej Vydra signing, all in the final week of the transfer window.

"I think there is an added focus to some of the bits that get in between, whether you are dealing with agents, dealing with contracts, recruitment," said Dyche.

"I think the one thing that will be a probable here if we go ahead and we find someone who we think works, is that it won’t be a technical director as in one who covers all the possibilities and pulls all the strings it won’t be that kind of technical director – it is more of a helping hand, a conduit to work through so we are all on the same page."

The new role will also give free up some time for Dyche. "Historically when I first started I did a lot and we have tried to lessen it slightly and bring a different focus to different areas," he added.

"When I first got here I would literally deal with agents, deal with contracts, deal with everything and the game is changing – that side of things morphs into the business side of the club, the actual business rather than the football business, and obviously our numbers have grown as well, our numbers, the numbers we are spending, the agents part in all of that, so there is a lot more work that has been involved in the last couple of years than when we first got here because we didn’t have any money.

"It was easy for me then but now it is slightly different."