OUR game against Nottingham Lions was abandoned after the first quarter on Sunday with us leading 4-0.

It was just a rubbish situation for both teams and all round. I know that’s probably not the best word to use, but that’s what it was.

For something like that to happen, and then Nottingham to refuse to get back on the ice because it’s dangerous - which they had every right to do - is unfortunate for both teams.

No-one wanted to give the game away and we certainly didn’t want the game to stop, so it’s unfortunate.

It is a business at the end of the day and we have to make money.

Nottingham had paid for their coach travel up here, their boys had given up their Sunday, and the fans as well, we have to think about them.

We agreed, both sides, because I am from Nottingham and know a few of their lads so I went in to their changing room afterwards, to play for double points next time but we will have to wait and see.

I am pretty confident we would have won the game, we were 4-0 up at the time, but it’s up to the league now.

It was a game, and points, we needed because we were expected to win.

We were doing well and it was good to give us confidence and you could see that coming back, all the lads were that bit more confident.

On Saturday, although beaten 7-4 by Solihull Barons, we could actually take plenty of positives from the way we finished the game after being 6-1 down after the first two periods.

We only had 11 skaters for various reasons, injuries, a couple of players were ill, and Adam Barnes was with the Storm.

So we had three or four players missing so to go there with a short bench, and after a bad start, we can only take positives from it.

We only had five shots against in the third period, and 25 for, and to keep working the way we did was positive.

I said to the lads afterwards that we finished well and I haven’t seen us dominate a team like we did for a long time.

It is a long wait until our next league game, with back-to-back cup games over the next two weekends.

But we still have to play hard, keep working on the things that we need to improve.