Rovers fans give their reaction to the news that Tony Mowbray is set to be offered a new contract.

One might wonder about the sanity of anyone who currently questions the future of Mr Mowbray at Blackburn Rovers.

Taking on a poisoned chalice that had seen off a number of unsuitable contenders, he appears to have transformed the club on the field at least.

You can question his tactics and interview skills but the fact is he has developed a mediocre Division One outfit into a potentially exciting team with realistic aspirations.

There is still work to be done but as with Bradley Dack one suspects that others may soon come calling suggesting their grass might well be greener.

Paul Yates

Apart from keeping hold of Bradley Dack the next most important contract to tie up is that of our manager Tony Mowbray.

Since February last year when he walked in to the club he lifted the mood instantly and he almost halted what seemed to be an inevitable relegation.

From last May when relegation was confirmed he set about his recruitment process with a determination and got most of the signings which he wanted. From the first couple of games he didn't panic and was confident in the players which he had that they could earn the target of promotion which they did in splendid fashion.

So far this season he has taken to the championship like a duck to water and he and the club do not look one bit out of place. This is why we must keep him to keep the feel good factor going and to keep the club upwardly mobile.

When you saw some of the names currently linked with the "big" job at Villa I feel Mowbray is better qualified than some to take it on.

Venkys, do the right thing and give him and his backroom staff the deal he deserves.

Andrew Robinson

I have been a Rovers fan all my life. Hendry, Shearer, Speedie ignited a fire inside me which Dunn, Jansen and Duff stoked years later.

That fire has slowly burned out over the past 10 years. The fire is back.

The team are the flames and Tony is the fire-starter. Sign him up.

Dacn Cooper

In my opinion it’s the best news I've heard in a long time. Tony has stabilised this club, brought the players together and bonded them in to a unit which is full of spirit, togetherness and has a never say die attitude which is standing  them in good stead as shown in its full extent last week at Bolton.

When in the second half they came under intense pressure, they were resolute, stood together and ground out a hard fought win. Before Tony arrived, I would say, we would have buckled and probably lost the match.

Tony has also seemed to have been able to get over to our elusive owners the importance of recruiting properly.

He has built a good blend of young exiting talent to blend and marry together with the older more mature players, and he seems to have got it perfectly balanced.

But Tony has brought the feel good factor back to our club and to the supporters, he has a knack of bringing his humble attitude across and making everybody buy into his plans, which is not as easy as everybody might believe.

His attitude and blunt honesty to every aspect of the football club is a breath of fresh air, after the recent era of managers and the owners  Tony does not sugarcoat the facts, he's honest and forthright in his views and opinions.

His brand of football is a joy to watch and every week now when we attend matches we know the team will be giving everything they have for the fans and the manager we can't ask any more of the team or Tony Mowbray.

Trevor Hanson