After a hectic few years it is a good time to be a Rovers supporter, writes Simon Smith.

As we recover from a big three weeks where tough games came relentlessly the turgid international break means that we can reflect on where we are.

There have been some astonishingly wrong-headed mutterings post-defeat that now is the time to reward Tony Mowbray for his success by sacking him and appointing someone like Neil Warnock to take us to the “next level”.

Ignoring the fact that after a season at that level Warnock’s teams are usually back at ‘this level’ perhaps these fans need a reality check. And to cease self-medication.

Eighteen months ago Rovers were rotten to the core.

They survived a devastating loss to Rotherham only by a late own-goal and followed up with another fortuitous own-goal at Sheffield Wednesday in a 1-2 loss only remembered for a feral Hope Akpan striking the referee and it being the last league game of the Coyle regime.

Despite six current first choice players playing at Hillsborough there was no semblance of camaraderie and definitely no coming over at the last whistle to applaud the 373 fans who had suffered once more.

Now Rovers sit comfortably among the group of 10 teams who will win a few, draw a lot and lose a couple.

Our aim for this season was survival. It has already, after a quarter of the season, upgraded to a top-half finish and a nice FA Cup run. Maybe by February we will be talking in terms of a blindside run into the playoffs. Who knows?

What won’t happen is that a team who have lost four times...FOUR TIMES! a year will manage the same feat in the next 12 months. So, get used to it, ladies and gentlemen.

However good Tony is, and he is currently the only manager I would want at Ewood, players will make mistakes. Eradicating those mistakes is impossible.

Restricting the frequency is all anyone can do.

Be a supporter not a fan. Take your inspiration from those 2,500 at Bolton. Enjoy the break.