SEAN Dyche felt Burnley should have been 'out of sight' in the first half after drawing with Huddersfield.

Sam Vokes had headed the Clarets in front after 20 minutes but the Terriers took control of the game after that and equalised in the second half through Christopher Schindler.

But the Turf Moor boss felt his side had done enough in the first 45 minutes to have a bigger lead.

"In the first half we were effective and should have been out of sight," Dyche said.

"In the second, credit to Huddersfield because they didn’t relent, kept playing and we lost our way. It’s seven points out of nine and we are getting back to somewhere we were last season."

Dyche also slammed 'embarrassing' Laurent Delpoitre's dive during the game.

The Belgian striker was booked when he went down under no contact from James Tarkowski.

It came just two days after Dyche had launched a stinging attack on the authorities for not doing enough to eradicate diving from the game, and although Depoitre did see yellow, the Clarets boss felt it wasn't enough.

"It won’t make a difference by showing a yellow card. He could do it again next week," Dyche said.

"That’s embarrassing, absolutely so. Anyone in pro sport at all – I just can’t work it out, we’re not talking gamesmasnhip or cleverness or someone clipping you and then they go down. We’re talking blatant dives and today was cringeworthy but no one wants to do something about it.

"Maybe fans should lobby. Maybe they should say we have had enough now, some brilliant things have come through in our game, but that’s not one of them."

Dyche wants to see divers banned if they caught on video trying to con officials, or even sent-off during the game if the referee sees the incident.

"A useful sanction? Ban them. Not just when it happens in the box, I have seen centre halves doing it when they’re running back," he said.

"There's enough intelligent people in football now, enough people out of work who have brilliant knowledge of the game who could sit there and decide what was suitable. Today was absolutely ridiculous. Why not send them off on the spot?

"I’d be saying the same with one of mine because that’s cheating, not gamesmanship. If you clip someone you know they’re going down, you know you’ve done it, but you can see Tarky’s reaction."