SEAN Dyche insists records - good or bad - aren't a concern for him as he looks to steer Burnley away from their worst top flight start since 1927/28.

The Clarets have just one point from their five games this term, but lost all of their opening five fixtures 91 years ago.

"Of course, I thought we could do better, but records don’t bother me," the Clarets chief said.

"I concern myself with the team, how individuals are performing."

Performances haven't been convincing so far, with Burnley losing their last four league games and they were particularly below par against Fulham and Wolves.

"It’s not been a lack of effort, but there have been a couple of performances that are not us," Dyche said.

"You have a feel of how you operate, and we’ve come away from that. There have been games where we’ve gone 'that’s not like us'.

"Once you do that, you need consistency to start winning games. There are a number of teams in the Premier League where margins are super tight. We’ve been on the right side of them before, that’s what we look to do now."

Ahead of Saturday's clash with in-form Bournemouth at Turf Moor Dyche said his players need to 'work smart' as well as work hard.

"Work smart, not just hard," he said. "Against Wolves, we out ran them, but didn’t out sprint them. Stats are there to be used wisely.

"Your eyes don’t lie. You’ve got to be able to turn the sound off the TV. Even after Sunday’s game, you watch in the cold light of day, and you’re not a million miles away but you’re far enough away to get a result.

"Usually you compute all that and see where you’re at. We’re not a million miles away."