BRINSCALL captain Liam Winstanley says promotion for the first team was inspired by the club’s youngsters.

The Under 13s set the tone for the seniors by winning the league and cup.

And it had a positive knock-on effect throughout the camp, as the second XI went on to be crowned champions of Division Two, while the firsts have reached the top division after only five seasons in the senior league.

“The Under Nines and U11s have done okay but when the U13s were bringing home silverware that was the kick up the backside for the rest of us,” said Winstanley, whose side were runners up to Salesbury in Section B.

“They inspired us in a way to go out and do something.

“Every season we’ve said we wanted promotion to Division A. We’ve always started off well and then tailed off towards the end so it was just good to get it done this time.

“We got off to a decent start again but we managed to carry it on.

“The lads are a year older and the pro was doing well as well, which gave us something to play around, and in the second half of the season the belief was there.

“And I’m really chuffed for the second team too.

“Captain Andrew Scambler has worked very hard for years, and it’s a tough job because you’re trying to do well and you keep losing players to the first team, but he’s done really well.

“We’ve all got to build on this season now.

“Certainly our view as a club is to try to build from the bottom up, and at this moment in time things are starting to pay us back.

“Very often the hard work goes unnoticed and unappreciated so it’s nice to sit back at the end of the season and see that we are doing really well. We’re going in the right direction and making massive strides.

“That’s down to the juniors, the parents, the committee and sponsors - everybody has been on the same page of the last couple years and we’ve moved forward.”

Winstanley and co are now looking forward to a well-earned break, but there is already eager anticipation for next season.

“It’s a different challenge for us because we have to play Section A teams twice which should, on paper, be more difficult,” he added.

“But we’ve done very well in those one-off games this year, so it’s not something we should be afraid of.

“We need to be respectful, though, that we are playing against better sides week in, week out, so we will have to be better too.”

Professional Sehan Weerasinghe has already signed up for another season, but Lee Burgess has retired after 10 years with the club, and around 20 with former side Whalley.

“That’s 40-50 wickets every season that we’re having to replace, which is a lot, but we’ve got Adam Wojciechowski, who is in a similar mould and has played quite a few first team games this season,” said Winstanley.

“Hopefully he can step up, but we’ll need to also look at a bit of recruiting here and there, if it’s right.”