It fairly smacks of a giant step when a draw at Ipswich Town is met with slightly furrowed brows and bleak chuckles of “ha, here we go again!”- writes Simon Smith.

Already the wider media have forgotten we are here and seem to have decided Rovers will return to a mid-table stasis.

Good. Let us get on with stealthily climbing to safety and then we’ll look further.

A fair performance and a point on the board is probably what most expected and, although two well-worked goals from the two players we kind of hoped would get off the mark were tempered by a typically spawny equaliser, we have every reason to be optimistic for Saturday against Millwall, especially since the AA is back to fix some minor faults at the top end.

In the first couple of games there are always early goals (as players adjust to league football again) and late goals (as fitness and concentration levels dip).

But in Tony Mowbray’s defence the two we conceded were well-finished and well lucky.

The Championship is 70 per cent much of a muchness, as we know.

There will be a lot of draws this season.

But as long as our draws are gained away and we earn vital narrow wins at home then we’ll be well clear of any danger.

The crowd were once more superb at Ipswich, carrying on where they left off, and it seems many rightly had some sympathy with young Kasey Palmer after his crucial second-half miss.

Quality players learn from these errors and if the lad is to be the top player he is earmarked to be then he has to feel the pain this week.

It has to hurt to make it not happen again.

And, as I referred to earlier in this piece, Arma is back. Such a boost, such a fillip.

No-one would ask the owners to waste money on a balding has-been or an Elvis-disliking bench-warmer as they have in the past.

But it’s nice to see money being paid for a player we already love and need.

We need money to strengthen the club, not fill banks.