CRAIG Conway revealed how Elliott Bennett had a hand - or rather a foot - in his pre-season goal at Hibernian, after he borrowed his team-mate’s boots.

Midfielder Conway opened the scoring in the 2-0 win at Easter Road with a right foot screamer into the top corner.

Conway was heckled during his post-match interview with shouts of “wand” from Bennett as he walked past on his way out of the stadium.

“I borrowed Benno’s boots so he’s taking the credit for that goal,” smiled Conway, who was delighted with his finish from the left hand edge of the box.

“I enjoyed that one.

“I just thought ‘hit it’ and luckily enough it’s gone in. It felt good, but more importantly to get that first 45 (minutes) under your belt and feel fit - I’m sure everyone else feels like that.

“And it’s a win at the end of the day. You want to win games.”

And Conway admitted it was good to see the fruits of their labours, after admitting pre-season so far has been the toughest he can recall.

“If you ask anybody we’ve been working really hard the last two weeks - probably harder than we have before - and I think it shows with the level of fitness we’ve got,” said the Scot.

“At times it is tough, but when you go and play and feel the benefits of it you see that it’s all worth it.

“The hard two weeks are done now and it’s onto the games and the stuff that everybody enjoys, getting the balls back out and playing.

“Hibernian are a good side. They’re obviously a bit more ready for games than us, they’d played a couple more and they’ve got a game in the Europa League as well which probably shows where they’re at.

“It’s good to play teams who are a little bit ahead of us in terms of fitness because they’ve been back longer than us, but I don’t think it really showed.

“I think it’s probably the first time there’s ever been a water break in Scotland! It was really hot out there. But it was good, and good for everyone to get 45 (minutes) and to come through unscathed.

“It’s a great pitch and a great stadium to come and play at. It’s brilliant for a first game, and onwards and upwards.”