BURNLEY might not have been on the European scene for half-a-century, but the Clarets' success last season has them on the radar of some of the continent's biggest clubs.

The likes of Sevilla, Fiorentina, RB Leipzig and AZ Alkmaar were represented at UEFA headquarters in Nyon for the Europa League second qualifying round draw, as were the Clarets.

While the balls eventually handed Burnley a Battle of Britain clash with Scottish Premiership runners-up Aberdeen, the success under Sean Dyche and a highest league finish in 44 years has clearly drawn the attention of the rest of Europe towards Turf Moor.

Matt Williams, Burnley's head of football operations, was the Clarets' man in Nyon.

He said: "It was good, you could almost tell the people from the bigger clubs, like Seville, the big Dutch clubs, the Scottish clubs, they had an idea who you were, because you do have dialogue on certain things, it might be transfers, scout tickets, players that have played here that have gone on there and they’re just checking up on a few bits and pieces.

"Everyone knows we had such a great season, everyone you speak to about Burnley know ‘Sean Dyche, fantastic season, a good club’.

"It’s really put Burnley on the map. I don’t think anyone expected it at the start of last season.

"I think the realisation we were going to do it hit after winning at Watford, coming on the train back and you see Everton have lost and Leicester have lost. This could become reality.

"Even as the season finished, the reality hit home when you’re on a flight to Geneva and you’re rocking into UEFA’s headquarters for a Europa League draw. You’re thinking ‘this isn’t what I expected when I walked through the door two-and-a-half years ago’."

The scenario will be repeated before the month is out, with the third qualifying round draw taking place on Monday, July 23, three days BEFORE the first leg of Burnley's tie with Aberdeen at Pittodrie.

And if the Clarets are successful against the Dons there is just a week between the second leg at Turf Moor and the first leg of the third qualifying round, which could cause a headache or two logistically.

"That’s the bizarre thing," said Williams. "I was asking the lads from Aberdeen where they were staying for the third round draw, because the third round draw is the Monday before we play Aberdeen on the Thursday at Pittodrie.

"We might as well just sit next to each other at the draw, find out our potential opponents and gather all the information we can, because one of us is going to have to deal with it.

"That’s another trip to Switzerland. It’s a busy week, fly to Switzerland on the Sunday, draw Monday, work Tuesday, off to Aberdeen on the Wednesday, back Friday, home Saturday then we’ve got a game of course on the Sunday against Montpellier.

"I’ve never given out as many business cards as I gave out as the draw and if you get an either/or that becomes even worse, because each club has a representative there, so you sit down and go through the dialogue.

"If you’ve got a choice of two teams you’re getting twice the information. It may be that Aberdeen go off with club A, I go off with club B, we photocopy the information and there you go.

"As long as they’ve got my details if we prevail, otherwise you could be there all night talking.

"You just don’t talk about ticket allocations and hotels either, you end up talking about football and the World Cup."