SEAN Dyche will speak to 'people he can rely on' to get an opinion on the challenges awaiting Burnley in Europe.

Dyche enters unchartered territory next season as he leads a club into European competition for the first time.

It's also a new frontier for many of his squad, as well as being Burnley's first European campaign in 51 years.

With the first fixture coming in the second qualifying round on July 26 Dyche knows the Clarets are in for a busy summer, with three qualifying rounds to navigate before the end of August if they are to make the group stage.

The start of pre-season has already been brought forward and there will be other adjustments to be made, but Dyche will speak to fellow managers who have experienced European campaign to get an idea of what awaits for Burnley in 2018/19.

"There’s the obvious fixture side of things. There will be a slight difference in the start time for pre-season, just five or six days, we won’t go too mad with that because the player’s still need a break mentally and physically," he said.

"We’re open-minded about the challenge, there’s certain people I can rely on to get an opinion on the challenges that come your way."

With Burnley's competitive season starting earlier than ever under Dyche and the transfer window closing on August 9 this year, Europe could have an impact of Burnley's transfer dealings and particularly Dyche's desire to bring new faces in as early as possible.

But the Turf Moor chief is confident his side can rise to the new challenge.

"We know about player trading, that will be interesting, to see what we can do on that side of things," he said.

"Logistics we don’t know yet, we’ll wait until the fixtures come.

"We’ve taken on and adapted to all the challenges that come our way. We’ll look to do that again."