Bradley Dack has suffered a grade two hamstring injury and will be ruled out for up to six weeks.

His injury, his third separate hamstring issue of the season, will now be managed over the summer to make sure he returns to pre-season in full health.

Dack was one of six players left out of the side for last weekend's 1-0 defeat at Charlton.

Craig Conway is definitely out with a fractured metatarsal, but David Raya, Derrick Williams, Elliott Bennett and Danny Graham could all return to the starting line-up.

On Dack, who has scored 18 goals this season, Mowbray said: “He’s got a grade two hamstring strain which is probably four to six weeks (out).

“That’s probably about as long as he will get off before he’s back pre-season training.

“That will be managed through the summer which light-heartedly let’s say it might not be a bad thing from my point of view that we have half an eye on Bradley throughout the summer.

“It’s one of those things, he had one or two hamstring issues at the start of the season and one or two at the end but everything inbetween has been pretty fantastic for us.”

Raya and Williams both lost their ever-present records when they were left out last weekend, while Bennett missed out with a knee problem.

All three watched from the stands while 17-goal Graham came off the bench for the final half hour.

All three have taken part in training this week and should they come through on Friday without any reactions could be set for a return to the starting XI.

On whether the likes of Raya, Williams and Bennett will feature, Mowbray said: “That’s the hope.

“They did a bit of training on Thursday and if they get through on Friday then they will be in contention to play.”

“Fingers crossed. I think it will be nice in front of the biggest crowd of the season that the bulk of the team that have played for most of the season are on the pitch trying to produce the goods on the last day.

“David has had his gloves on and done some light training so if there’s no reaction then I don’t see why he won’t have his boots on this weekend.

“It’s disappointing for Craig and Bradley but their season is done.

“Hopefully we will have a strong side out and make it a difficult afternoon for Oxford.”