THE departures of Scott Arfield and Dean Marney this summer will be another link with Sean Dyche's first great Burnley team coming to an end.

It was the side of 2013/14 who began to set the culture that Dyche has set such great faith in since, but the Clarets boss believes that ethos is now beginning to look after itself.

While Dyche was reliant on those players in his first full season to set the tone for what followed, the culture of hard work, humility and teamship that comes with life at Turf Moor now is no secret in the game.

That makes it easier for new recruits to understand what to expect now, according to Dyche.

"It starts with the in-house players, taking ownership of it, they buy into it and say this is what we are," he said.

"A new player comes in, are they going to align to it? By year five, I think the outside view starts to mould into a DNA sort of thing of the club, they kind of know roughly what Burnley’s about and it knocks onto players and onto agents, everyone thinks that player sort of would fit here.

"It builds that identity, I think we have that identity."

While Dyche has set that culture at the club he insists all the praise now has to go to the players for taking it on, listening to the advice and buying into the idea of constant improvement.

"First things first, they deserve a lot of credit first. Players can only develop if they're willing to be open minded and take on things that you think will help them," he said.

"Without that you can coach until you're blue in the face but it ain't going to make a difference. If players are open minded then I think myself and staff, what we do here can help them.

"Players deserve the credit, it's my job. There's is to be a footballer, not necessarily my kind, if they want to join if what you offer then that's the start. You’ve got a chance.

"The reason why I talk about culture, teamship, environment, work ethic, their professionalism, is it’s not easy to get it all to come together.

"Without the players and their mentality towards it, you're not going to get it to happen. So they deserve the credit.

"I can push them and drag them about and say this is good for you, they deserve the credit. Tarky's (James Tarkowski) sat there listening to me saying you are improving and deserving massive credit, week in week out for a year.

"Kevin Long sat there for five and a half years watching everyone else, you look at him last week at Stoke and say he's a player.

"They deserve the credit for being patient, diligent, for being professional, for lowering the ego, keeping at it, listening to us not just the agent or the media, they deserve the credit."

It's the likes of Long and Tarkowski who have taken on the spirit of that 2013/14 side and driven it forward to the current side.

"Leadership's now changed, it's not one figurehead captain, you want them all to have an understanding around the group," Dyche said.

"How they rub off on each other, this is what we do and this is what we stand for.

"It’s not just the original ones, it layers up from the players that have been here longer.

Six months you're still working it all out like Azza (Aaron Lennon), go back a couple of years they've got the environment, the culture, they know what the group is about,. They will be the next people that take it on."