SEAN Dyche insists European qualification for Burnley this season would be a 'badge of honour'.

While the Europa League is often considered something of a poisoned chalice for clubs used to continental competition, the Clarets are seeking a first foray into Europe in 51 years.

And Dyche sees nothing but positives in potential qualification, despite the fact the campaign could start with a second qualifying round tie on July 26.

"If we can get to the Europa League for us, as a club, it would be a huge badge of honour," the Clarets chief said.

"How can it be a negative? It's impossible as the manager of Burnley Football Club to sit here after five-and-a-half years of where we were to where we are now and start weirdly questioning it. It's impossible.

"What comes, comes. Our job is to make a good side of it. It's our job to go there, be successful, take it on and go as hard as we can at it."

A seventh place finish for Burnley, as long as Southampton don't win the FA Cup, will secure a European place, but that would mean three qualifying round fixtures before the group stage.

If the Clarets can leapfrog Arsenal into sixth then their European campaign would start in September in the group stage.

Pre-season plans have already been put in place by Burnley, but Dyche said contingencies can be made and friendlies cancelled should Europe begin at the end of July.

"That doesn’t change things drastically," he said. "I think the first game is 26th – that is naturally coming towards the final part of pre-season anyway, our work, our general work has been done before that.

"Some games are already sorted out, some games have been pencilled in and we have had to say we will wait and see.

"You start the planning back in January and February and you can’t guarantee every game but you do a mutual agreement.

"Now it’s changed to where it is now, we have to tell them, we’re still waiting. It will find a way of working itself out.

"We couldn’t factor it in in January. We were sixth or seventh but there was too much football to be played."