OUR Clarets jury discuss the big issues at Turf Moor every week. Today it's whether Sean Dyche should be beating Pep Guardiola to the manager of the year award.


Absolutely. Look at the difference between the two clubs - Pep Guardiola has spent nearly half a billion pounds assembling that Man City squad, it is fantasy football.

Sean Dyche has spent peanuts in comparison so has to get the best out of every single player and has done a remarkable job.

Guardiola has to gel Man City into a team, granted, but it is a lot easier when he has the calibre of players he's got at his disposal. Pep has only ever managed top, rich clubs. Be interesting to see how good he is with a budget similar to that of Burnley's.


I think Pep Guardiola will get the award for winning the Premier League and winning it comfortably. I would give Sean Dyche the runner up prize.

If you look at the table, our away results this season and see the size of our club compared to some of the teams that are way behind us in the table, I think he comfortably deserves coming second as some of the teams above us believe they have had bad seasons with their managers.


We’re probably biased but definitely yes! I think a lot will depend on if we get into Europe or not though as a seventh place finish AND European football sounds better than just seventh place.

Not one pundit or “expert” would have put Burnley anywhere near the top half, let alone seventh and with Pep having all the funds he needs I think Sean deserves it.