CLARETS skipper Ben Mee praised the 'professional' approach of his side as they kept their heads in the London Stadium cauldron.

While chaos broke out all around them on Saturday, Burnley remained calm to cruise to a 3-0 win at West Ham with a devastating second half display.

The Clarets struck three times in the final 24 minutes through Ashley Barnes and a Chris Wood double and the first of those goals was the trigger for protests inside the ground, with several fans running onto the pitch and hundreds more surrounding the directors box.

But Burnley kept their heads and made sure of back-to-back wins heading into a three-week break.

"I thought we played really well in the second half. We didn't get going in the first half so we obviously wanted to come out and play a lot better," Mee said.

"I thought we used the ball really well and Woody coming on really changed the game for us.

"We went one or two up and I think their heads went down. Our fitness really showed and we were really at it in the second half. We were a lot more alert than them in the second half. We were really professional about it."

Of the incidents that marred the second half, Mee added: "It was different, it wasn't a nice environment at the end. You can understand the frustrations around the place, it's not really going their way at the minute. It's just one of them that we had to focus on and see the game out as professionally as we could.

"There had been things happening around this club but you never know what's going to happen. The frustration is there, you can tell, and you have sympathy for the fans, but it's difficult when they're running on the pitch. It shouldn't really happen. We had to remain professional to see the job out."

Mee spoke to referee Lee Mason during the second half when the game was stopped for another pitch invaders.

"I just asked him 'what should we do if it gets worse?' He told me that he'd take the players off the pitch and ensure that the lads' safety came first," the Clarets skipper said.

"It could've been worse, there were a few people running on the pitch, but it wasn't as bad as what it could have been.

"It was worse in the stands I believe. There was obviously some concern for those in the stands who weren't involved, it's never nice to get caught up in it, but some of our lads helped their fans out so credit to them for doing that. You just have to do whatever you can."