BURNLEY Gymnastics Club celebrated its sixth birthday in the best way possible by hosting its third Inter Club Invitational


More than 200 gymnasts from five North West clubs descended on the BEST Centre in Burnley to take part in a British Gymnastics Supported Two Piece Floor and Vault event.

The event was aimed at gymnasts who are currently doing less than four hours training per week and to give them their first opportunity to take part in an organised competition against youngsters from other clubs.

Each gymnast received a medal in a grading style scoring format while medals and trophies were given overall to the top three gymnasts.

Due to the amount of youngsters taking part, the event was split in to three sessions in what proved to be a friendly atmosphere with each gymnast encouraging others and supported by clubs coaches and volunteers.

The first session was for six to eight-year-olds who descended on to the floor area to perform their pre-rehearsed routines.

In the Age Six Level One category, Burnley Gymnastics Club very own Annabelle Ashcroft scooped the first overall gold of the day, narrowly pipping club-mate Chloe Hawthornthwaite while Alex Rooney from Aerial Academy took bronze.

In the Age Seven Level One event, Gym Mania’s Aimee Wade wowed the travelling crowd with a near faultless display to take gold. Amelia Gardener started to ramp up the Burnley medal haul with silver and Bobbie Moore (Aerial Academy) earning the bronze.

Age Eight Level One was won by Olivia Merrils of Gym Mania in a close contest with club-mates Kate Charnley and Maisie Thorne. The second session of the day saw those aged nine, 10 and 11 Level One compete along with the Age 11 & 12 Level Two Categories.

In Age Nine Level One, Ellie Haworth of Burnley took home gold with Emme Du Val (Burnley) and Elyse Conroy (Aerial) collecting overall silver and bronze respectively.

In Age 10 Level One, Sadie Field from Aerial produced a fantastic display to take gold. Pippa Mussen (Burnley) took silver and Tia Williams Bennett (Burnley) and Lexie Latham (Gym Mania) joint bronze.

Grace Booth (Burnley) wowed the home crowd in the Age 11 Level One event, taking the overall gold for her club in her first ever competition. Victoria Collins (Wigan & Ashton) took a deserved silver with Lily Heath (Lancaster) taking bronze.

In the Age 11 Level Two, Burnley’s Isla Barnes produced a brilliant display to take overall gold.

The Age 12 Level Two produced the closest margins of victory with Erin Carter (Aerial) just pipping Bethany Higgins (Gym Mania) and Erin McCormack (Aerial).

In the Age Seven Level 2, Kristen Badrock (Gym Mania) took gold ahead of Georgia Waterhouse (Gym Mania) and Erin Murphy (Burnley). The Age Eight Level Two event was won by Daisy Anderson (Gym Mania) while the Age Nine Level Two and Age 10 Level Two were won by Ava Higham (Aerial) and clubmate Hannah Johnson respectively.

Burnley head coach, Kim Sharples, said: “It was great to put on the competition again for 5 clubs. It is a great marker for those gymnasts experiencing their first competition in front of a big group of spectators. Thanks to all the coaches and volunteers from all the clubs who without, we would not be able to hold these competitions”

* Results

Age Six Level One

1. Annabelle Ashcroft; (Burnley): 9.10; 9.60; 8.70

2. Chloe Hawthornthwaite (Burnley): 8.85; 9.70; 18.55

3. Alex Rooney (Aerial Academy): 8.70; 9.80; 18.50

Age Seven Level One

1. Aimee Wade (Gym Mania): 9.15; 9.9; 19.05

2. Amelia Gardener (Burnley): 9.15; 9.80; 18.95

3. Bobbie Moore (Aerial Academy): 9.25; 9.70; 18.95

Age Eight Level One

1. Olivia Merrils (Gym Mania): 9.10; 9.70; 18.80

2. Kate Charnley (Gym Mania): 8.80; 9.90; 18.70

3. Maisie Thorne (Gym Mania): 8.80; 9.90; 18.70

Age Nine Level One

1. Ellie Haworth (Burnley): 8.8; 9.6; 18.40

2. Emme Du Val (Burnley): 8.75; 9.50; 18.25

3. Elyse Conroy (Aerial): 8.75; 9.50; 18.25

Age 10 Level One

1. Sadie Field (Aerial) 9.40; 9.80; 19.20

2. Pippa Mussen (Burnley): 9.50; 9.20; 18.70

3=Tia Williams Bennett (Burnley): 9.10; 9.50; 18.60

3=Lexie Latham (Gym Mania): 9.40; 9.20; 18.60

Age 11 Level One

1. Grace Booth (Burnley): 9.40; 9.50; 18.90

2. Victoria Collins (Wigan & Ashton): 9.05; 9.70; 18.75

3. Lily Heath (Lancaster) 8.90; 9.70; 18.60

Age 11 Level Two

1. Isla Barnes (Burnley) 9.65; 9.10; 18.75

Age 12 Level Two

1. Erin Carter (Aerial): 9.20; 9.70; 18.90

2. Bethany Higgins (Gym Mania): 9.10; 9.60; 18.70

3. Erin McCormack (Aerial): 8.80; 9.80; 18.60

Age Seven Level 2

1. Kristen Badrock (Gym Mania): 9.10; 9.70; 18.80

2. Georgia Waterhouse (Gym Mania): 9.00; 9.70; 18.70

3. Erin Murphy (Burnley): 8.50; 9.90; 18.40

Age Eight Level Two

1. Daisy Anderson (Gym Mania): 9.70; 9.90; 19.60

Age Nine Level Two

1. Ava Higham (Aerial)

Age 10 Level Two

1. Hannah Johnson (Aerial)