MY WIFE could see the irony. On Friday evening she asked that I nip to the corner shop to buy a loaf of bread to accompany breakfast. “In a minute,” I said.

An hour later she reminded me and I gave her the International Sign for ‘change down a gear and wait your hurry, we don’t need it right now’ that is the closed-eyed nod and patronising smile accompanied by the patting of an imaginary Great Dane.

However lost in a vortex of 1989 Rovers clips on YouTube and accompanying Peroni bottles the clock whizzed and soon it was 11:30pm and I had to walk to Asda.

I’d left it too late.

Fast forward to 3:35 the next afternoon, with Rovers dominant and seemingly only concerned as to who would actually score their second goal.

It appeared that Bradley Dack had been nominated, primarily so he could not celebrate.

Time passed and after an hour Harry Chapman came on and it appeared that he would again score and that would be that.

Yet fatigue set in among those players who had given so much on Tuesday and, for some inexplicable reason substitute Ben Gladwin seemed to be the most tired after only a minute on the pitch.

It got wobbly, but Rovers managed another clean sheet, the win goes on the record and all else is rhetoric. The last 10 tense minutes should not be our abiding memory of seven well-earned points in the last week.

I must also say that I was pretty sickened by a Rovers team - at the time containing only two senior (over 21) players in Peter Whittingham and Gladwin - being booed-off by some fools on Tuesday.

The young lads at the back were excellent and young Stefan Mols came on out wide to make an excellent cameo reminiscent of a pre-injury David Thompson.

Bury’s side boasted 66 League One appearances between them already this season. Rovers’ finishing side had 11.

I again urge you: GET BEHIND THE TEAM.

Keep your criticisms for the bar, the cafe or the workplace.

Enjoy the weekend off.