I THINK Tony Mowbray heads to India to meet with Venky’s to discuss his Rovers future in quite a strong position, writes Simon Garner.

His future needs to be sorted as quickly as possible and if he is staying on as manager he will need to know what his budget is for the next season.

Mowbray going out to India is a positive sign from the Venky’s. I don’t praise them often but at least they are meeting him face-to-face, and that is the way they have to sort it out

The owners have already pledged their support to him, but the hardest bit will be getting those promises about what he can do about the squad.

He will need assurances. I think Mowbray has got to spell it out in black and white what he wants.

It will be a balancing act to reduce the budget, which Rovers will need to do, while still keeping a side capable of winning promotion.

You look at some of the teams who have gone down, big sides who have struggled when they are down there and finance is very hard to sort out.

Obviously we are going to have to get high earners off the books and some of those high earners won’t be League One players anyway. Mowbray needs to know who he can get in and he will perhaps have to get players in who know the division – as it is a completely to the Championship.

The Championship is hard because a lot of the teams have a lot high quality players in them.

In League One you are coming up against teams, no disrespect to them, who are not full of big hitters, so Rovers have to keep some of their squad together, but also get players in who know the league.

As soon as the transfer window opens that is when Mowbray might panic.

He will be dreading the phone going, we have said it for years at Blackburn. There will be clubs in the Championship trying to buy Blackburn players on the cheap, knowing the finance situation at the club and thinking they will need the money.

I will give Venky’s their dues, in the past they haven’t let too many players go cheaply. If that is the same again then it might push the player into forcing a move. You can’t blame the players if they get an offer from a Championship club.

Meanwhile, Jason Lowe headed the Rovers released list last week.

He has been at Blackburn since he was 12 years old. There has been a lot of change in that time and he will be sad to go.

If you have big heart, as Jason Lowe did, then you can prove yourself and work on your skills as you go on.

If you give 100 per cent then you always have a chance as a player and I am sure that he will find a new club.