SO the waiting goes on for Rovers fans as they hope for confirmation from Ewood Park about what the hell is happening next season, writes Simon Garner.

League One football is a reality, but it seems as though the owners are still living in cloud cuckoo land when it comes to getting things sorted.

We know that Tony Mowbray has their ‘full support’, according the statement released last week, but it is tough for the players not knowing what’s going to happen.

In my day you just hoped that phone would ring and you’d get a club who wanted to sign you.

And if you were under contract that didn’t happen because if I had a deal at a football club I would honour it.

But it’s all up in the air for this Rovers squad, whether under contract or not.

I’m guessing the ones still with deals have got clauses saying they will get a reduction in their wages.

And some of those lads might be looking to leave and stay in the Championship anyway.

It’s a waiting game and as a player you want it sorted out as quickly as possible, because the break between the seasons seems to get shorter and shorter.

Agents are a part of modern football and they can make the process of signing or selling even more drawn out.

You get good ones and bad ones, obviously, but they appear to have a huge say in what goes on.

That means there has to be strong leadership behind the scenes at Rovers and I just can’t see who that person is at the moment.

It needs somebody there who knows what Tony Mowbray wants and can go and sort it out. That needs to happen quickly too.

The delay with Mowbray confirming he is staying is a worry, and if he were to quit it would plunge the club into a mess.

Rovers are a League One club and you want a manager who has got experience at that level and knows the sort of players needed to get back into the Championship at the first time of asking.

But managers, just like players, talk to each other all the time.

And you feel that if one were to ring an ex-Rovers manager of the last three or four years and say, ‘I’ve been offered a job at Blackburn, what do you think?’, I bet the answer would be, ‘Don’t touch it’.

Away from Ewood, it was nice to see White Hart Lane get a good send-off from Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

I didn’t play there that often, but when I did I enjoyed it because it was one of those grounds where the fans were close to the pitch.

It’s a shame that in modern stadiums supporters are so far away.

In my day you could pick out voices from the crowd, turn around and have a bit of banter.

That was part of the experience of being a player and that’s all gone now I’m afraid.