TIME will tell whether Blackburn Rovers’ upturn in fortunes is just down to a new boss coming in, but the momentum is starting to build and the clean sheets have been the most important thing.

When a new man comes in you always pick yourself up as a player to try that bit harder to either get in the side or stay in the side, but as I said the other week, Tony Mowbray doesn’t take any prisoners.

He manages like he played and will tell the players if they’re not doing it and I think they are responding well to him at the moment.

Moving out of the bottom three will be a massive lift.

To get three results in a row takes that bit of pressure of you as a player and you can enjoy your football a little bit more.

But they need to keep it going, they can’t think that just because they’re out of the relegation zone that’s it, the job is done – it’s not.

It can be easy to drop back in there, it only takes a couple of bad results and your confidence goes again. 

Rovers have to build on what they have done.

A big plus has been that the fans are on side, especially at home, and they have a big part to play in the final five home games.

The crowd have to get behind the team, even if they go behind. The players will be giving everything and they need the fans behind them.

It could be interesting to see what the reaction is if they do fall behind, or indeed lose a game.

I read a quote from Tony in the paper saying he knows they have tough games coming up and they will lose some. 

I think if they can get four or five more wins then I think they will be all right.

Cardiff tonight won’t be an easy game. Neil Warnock has turned them around and they do score goals so if Cardiff go in front, Rovers will need to show a different side to their game.