OWEN Coyle said last week that he’s got three signings ready to go in this transfer window and he’s just waiting for the green light from India on the finances, writes Simon Garner.

As far as I know, he’s still waiting, and that is a huge worry for fans.


It’s okay having three lined up, but Coyle has also got to worry about clubs coming in for one of his players.

There’s a lot of talk about Ben Marshall going to Wolves, and he would be a big loss.

But you can’t say it’s a surprise - it seems like the usual thing from the owners.

They never get back to the manager quick enough and that makes it’s tough for Coyle.

If the word doesn’t come from India it will be a huge waste of time because a lot of work goes on behind the scenes getting these things sorted out – talking to agents, negotiating with players.

The players, who Coyle says are keen to come to Ewood Park, will also be thinking, ‘Why are Blackburn not getting back to me? What’s going on there?’.

If they get another offer from somewhere else they will probably take it because they are going to think that Rovers are messing them around.

The word will then get out that Blackburn are a difficult club to deal with, if that isn’t already the case. It’s not the first time, it happened with Paul Lambert, and it’s the story of Blackburn Rovers for the last three or four years – managers have taken jobs and been promised money, and they haven’t been given it.

It must be a concern for Coyle. If I was the manager I’d be thinking, ‘What is going on here? Have they not got confidence in me?’.

I simply do not understand why Venky’s are not worried about the situation Rovers are in.

The fans are worried, the manager is, people who work at the club are worried because if they were to get relegated this season then they could lose their jobs.

That will only be avoided by winning games and Saturday’s defeat at Ipswich was big blow.

It was crucial that Rovers kept their recent run going but, as has been a familiar story this season, individual mistakes cost them.

If you look at the two results against Newcastle, they didn’t concede and won both games 1-0. That has to be what they aim for.

Going forward Rovers haven’t got a problem – they score goals. But it’s disheartening for a striker like Danny Graham, who got his 10th of the season at Portman Road, to see them going in at the other end.

Leaking goals also puts more pressure on the forwards because you think to yourself that you’ve got to score two goals to win the game.

So the focus heading into Saturday’s home game against Birmingham City must be to tighten up.

And maybe, just maybe, there will be a phone call made from India. Let’s hope so.