SO it appears that our owners have no intention of cutting their losses and allowing the club to regain its identity, writes Simon Smith.

Protests have not gained much more than a passing mention and Venky’s, once again, dare to entertain ambitions of Premier League football at Ewood Park.


Not so much running before walking as entering Danny Graham’s newborns in a marathon.

Reading between the spin and the rhetoric it is clear that the aim of Venky’s is two-fold; to spend as little money as possible yet still maintain Championship status for the foreseeable future, and to sell any saleable assets as soon as they become of any value.

I doubt they will ever make their £121million ‘investment’ back since, despite the fact that they have sold £76m of talent, they have also wasted in excess of £15m paying players and managers to leave, paid unknown amounts to agents and thus have ended up deep in the financial mire.

The ridicule has faded, tabloids no longer fill their pages with jibes and in the minds of many football followers we are just a team that crops up on ‘The Premiership Years’ now and again.

Yet we are picking up wins, have a home tie in the fourth round of the FA Cup and, as long as key players stay fit, then the future may be a little brighter than it appeared on Boxing Day. It’s not much, but it’s all we have for the moment.

The frustrations still arise with many fans – most of whom were not present at Loftus Road – continuing to slate players that they do not feel are good enough.

A brief scan of social media was enough to see the two players singled out for praise by most of those who witnessed the game given the usual ‘pelters’.

Of course I make no accusation of anything sinister, and the excuse could be offered that these players haven’t been doing the business in home games, but perhaps they thrive in away games due to fans’ support rather than the instant blame they receive at Ewood.

Railing at owners and managers may not affect the game. Abusing the players will.