OWEN Coyle insists his message to the Blackburn Rovers supporters remains: “keep backing the players”.

Coyle says he has no issues with fans voicing their opinions on him or the club’s owners, but wants the supporters to continue to back the players during the game.

The Rovers boss angered some fans with comments made after their Boxing Day defeat at Barnsley in which he said he felt some of those travelling “had an agenda”.

There were vocal chants towards Coyle at Oakwell after a fourth straight defeat left Rovers in the relegation zone at the halfway stage of the season.

And when asked if he could understand the negative reaction to his comments, he said: “What I said after the game was that if you don’t like the owners, or the manager or this and that, then that’s an opinion.

“No-one has an issue with that.

“What my point was that if you go home and away come and support the team, that’s what I said. I have said that consistently.

“If people want to construe other things from that, ultimately it’s up to them. All I have ever said is, come and back the team.

“I said the other day that a large section of supporters came and backed the team and I’ve said that consistently.

“If people want to take umbrage with that then ultimately that’s up to them, but that was not my point.

“My point was come and support the team, get behind the players, and if you’re not happy with one or two things then that’s fine, but always keep backing the players.

“I’ve said that from day one, so if people have something else to think about that, then that’s up to them.”

Coyle’s comments after the Barnsley game prompted the BRFC Action Group to release a statement.

The statement read: “After a torrid six years our beloved Rovers have nosedived from a respected mid-table and well run Premier League club, into a shambolic circus bereft of leadership, direction and hope.

“A club that now sits rooted in the relegation mire facing the drop into English footballs third tier for the first time in 40 years.

“Yes the supporters of Blackburn Rovers do have an agenda.

“This agenda is to have a well-run, transparent football club. One that sits proudly at the centre of the local community, one that we can feel connected with, part of and a club that operates by its motto of Arte Et Labore (By Skill and Hard Work).”