BLACKBURN Rovers boss Owen Coyle says he will accept the criticism that comes his way, but believes some supporters “have their own agenda”.

Rovers’ 2-0 defeat at Barnsley yesterday was their fourth straight loss and they remain in the bottom three of the Championship table.


A section of the travelling support vented their frustrations towards the Rovers boss as he headed down the tunnel at Oakwell while there were also chants against the club’s owners Venky’s.

Coyle insists he will meet the criticism head on, accepting responsibility for the failings on the pitch.

He said: “Ultimately you’re the one who puts the team on the field, and although it’s not you who misses the chances, it’s your responsibility.

“We don’t hide from that, we meet that head on.

“There were some excellent supporters here who backed their team to the final whistle and I thank them very much because that support is invaluable to the players.

“We had a real big group of them and I thank them for that.

“But there were some fans shouting things from the start of the game about the owners and other things.

“That group of fans have got their own agendas but ultimately we all want the team to win points.”

Rovers are now five games without a win ahead of the trip to Huddersfield on New Year’s Eve.

Coyle’s side are third from bottom at the halfway point of the season, with the Ewood chief admitting results leave him open to criticism.

He added: “When we don’t then as a manager you have to be the one that bears the brunt of that criticism.

“I have no problem with that, I will take that head on.

“I know how hard everyone is working and how close we are to turning it around, but until we do, then there’s not a lot you can say, you have to take the medicine, take the criticism because when you’re not picking up points you leave yourself wide open to it and that’s what happens.

“What I would say, the people that were angry at the end, I get that.

“But there were also people angry from the start. I don’t know if they come to the home games, but they travelled with their own agenda and that’s up to them.”

More than 1,400 Rovers fans made the trip to Oakwell, with Coyle hoping the fans continue to back his side.

He added: “We know there’s a minority there that have their agenda and that’s up to them, I have no issues with that.

“They have their opinion, and that’s fine, have your own opinion.

“But what I say is, and this is the point I always stress, come and support your team and if you’re not happy with the owners or me, then I can accept that criticism.

“But please don’t criticise the players, back the players, support the players, because this is a wonderful club.

“People can have a go at the owners, or have a go at me, the only way that can stop that is by winning games consistently and moving the club up to where we want to be.”