Do you share Owen Coyle’s confidence that Blackburn Rovers will pull clear of the relegation zone before May?

Kelvin Wilkins

I’D like to be positive and talk of a resurgence, but just as teams can adopt winning habits, we have adopted a losing one and that is hard to shake off.

We have better players than a host of teams around us and with some significant January additions, we could boast a half decent Championship squad, but with Owen Coyle at the helm, I can only see him follow his own relegation habit.

A new manager would bring new hope, new direction and hopefully a clean sheet or two.

Paul Yates

WELL he would say that, wouldn’t he? There’s nothing like foolhardy optimism!

I am sure they will be in or around the bottom three for the rest of the season if you have to score three goals to gain a miserable point.

The rogue result against Newcastle convinced me that Rovers would continue to struggle, every time Rovers are relegated they beat a top team away from home.

The Championship is now such a tough league and we simply don’t have the right players to cope with its demands.