THE BRFC Action Group has called for change in the boardroom at Blackburn Rovers – and unity in the fan base.

In a statement the fans group implore the club’s board of directors Mike Cheston, Gandhi Babu and Robert Coar, to ‘resign immediately’ as it believes they are ‘simply incapable, powerless or completely absent from duty’.

The group has also announced it will be holding an open floor meeting for all Rovers supporters to attend with the aim of uniting the club’s fan base ‘to fight for the future of the football club’.

The statement reads: “The demise of this club is clear for all to see, from a consistent mid-table Premier League club to one of the bookmakers’ favourites for relegation into the third tier, a club riddled with debt, lacking leadership and without direction or hope.

“Blackburn Rovers now has a board of directors that appear to be simply incapable, powerless or completely absent from duty. 

“The BRFC Action Group calls for the immediate resignation of the club’s board of directors.”

The statement added: “Football clubs such as Blackburn Rovers are historically at the centre of the local community, a passion that is passed on from one generation of families to another. Supporters are the lifeblood of any club and without those supporters, football is nothing.  

“Yet we are now seeing supporters walking away, feeling powerless and disengaged from the very club that their family has supported for generations. This simply cannot be allowed to continue. 

“Never in the club’s 141-year history has the very existence of Blackburn Rovers looked so much in doubt. We repeat our call for the board of directors to stand down and for supporters of Blackburn Rovers to stand together and work together to help protect our club from further demise.

“The BRFC Action Group will be facilitating an open floor meeting for all Rovers supporters and supporter organisations, with the aim of uniting the whole supporter base to fight for the future of the football club.”

A spokesperson for Blackburn Rovers Football Club said: “We appreciate and understand the concerns and frustrations of the supporters.

“We now have three homes games in the space of a week, and the remainder of the transfer window, which provides us with an opportunity to address both the squad and results on the pitch.

“We have already committed to meeting with supporters groups twice a year, when they will have the opportunity to speak directly to both the board and manager Owen Coyle.

“Whilst we will endeavour to engage with all supporters, we cannot commit to responding to every individual issue raised with the club, as our focus has to be on the team, its results, the upcoming games and the remaining time available to us in the current transfer window.”