THERE’S been a two-week window for Paul Lambert to talk to the owners and nothing has happened.

He must be thinking to himself, ‘are they just trying to avoid it?’

He’s ambitious and not the type of manager to sit around and think, ‘I’ve got a cushy job here, I’ll just keep them mid-table’, and use the excuse of, ‘we’ve got no money’.


When he came here the owners must have promised him some money to spend and if they don’t turn round and say, ‘here it is’, you wouldn’t blame him if he turned round and went.

I’m sure he could have got other jobs. To work at a football club that hasn’t got any ambition is no good to a manager like Paul. He’s ambitious and wants to go places.

He’ll be hoping to spend money in the summer to put a squad together that is capable of pushing for promotion.

We’ve been here too many times, waiting for the owners to communicate. You’ve just got to hope and pray it’s not drifting back into the bad old days.

Either privately or publicly they’ve got to say something to Paul and tell them what’s going to happen.

A manager is employed to pick a football team and to make sure things go right on the pitch and get success on the pitch.

He’s not there to discuss the club’s accounts or what the ambitions or non-ambitions of the owners are. That’s not his job to do. He’s there to run the football side of things.

We need somebody in place at Ewood Park. John Williams did a brilliant job when he was here and I think the club has struggled since he left.

We need somebody who is going to be a spokesperson for the owners.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the reason Derek Shaw and Alan Myers left and are leaving is because they are not getting communication from the owners.

If they’re not getting that from the owners then they can’t tell the fans what’s going on.

It must be so frustrating for them – and for Paul Lambert.