BLACKBURN Rovers boss Paul Lambert has urged Venky’s to appoint an Ewood Park ‘figurehead’.

Lambert is still waiting to hold direct talks with Rovers’ India-based owners over the direction they want to take the club in.


He hopes to have ‘some sort of clarification’ over the intentions of Venky’s in the ‘next couple of weeks’.

And during those talks Lambert will stress the need to appoint an experienced administrator based out of Ewood.

The club has been operating without a managing director since Derek Shaw’s departure on February 2.

And this week commercial and communications director Alan Myers, who has been carrying out Shaw’s duties along with finance director Mike Cheston, announced he was leaving.

“The club has to have a figurehead,” said Lambert.

“All successful clubs have somebody who pulls the strings off the pitch.

“The way the club goes, I don’t know yet until we find out what’s going to happen, but somebody is going to have to answer things.

“You need somebody at the helm to pull the club. You need a leader, a chief executive, or somebody with football knowledge to run the football club.

“This club has had people at the club who didn’t have a clue about football. That’s why it went the way it has.

“You need someone who is really clued in rather than do what we have done before. We have to learn from the mistakes for the sake of the club.

“As you all know the debt is severe and you need people that won’t allow the club to be taken to the cleaners again.”

Rovers’ annual accounts reveal the club’s debt now stands at £104.2m – £87m of which is owed to owners Venky’s in the form of interest-free loans.

But they also show the club’s year-on-year losses have dropped by £24.9m from £42.1m to £17.2m.

Lambert understands the need to avoid a repeat of the reckless summer of spending in 2012 that has landed Rovers in financial trouble.

But he also believes he will need backing in the transfer market if he is to turn the club into promotion contenders.

Lambert said: “I never came here for mediocrity. I want to try and get out of the league.

“And to do that you need good players and big players. There are good players at the club but as I’ve always said they need a bit of help.

“But it costs money and investment to bring those type of players in.

“I don’t want to go to list B. I know the plan that I want and hopefully I’ll know in the next couple of weeks what’s going to happen.”

Lambert has been in contact with Venky’s conduit Suhail Pasha who played a part in the former Norwich City and Aston Villa manager’s appointment.

And he is soon hoping to speak to the owners himself: “I hope to have some sort of clarification in a couple of weeks.

“I’m pretty sure I’ll get an answer about what’s going to happen and where we want to go with it.”

Asked whether Venky’s also need to communicate directly to supporters Lambert said: “I think it definitely helps.

“As I said there’s got to be a leader to be the voice and be the focal point of it.

“You need that because, especially through local media, it’s important to speak to the fans to let them know what is exactly going on.”