SEAN Dyche is seeing the fruits of one of his labours come together.

The £10.6million transformation of Burnley's Gawthorpe training base - now the Barnfield Training Centre - is well underway.


It is a project that the Burnley boss has been hands on with, right from the start of the design process.

And while his decision to put his efforts, and the club's money, into a long-term plan for the club - foregoing big spends in the Premier League last season - was questioned by some, Dyche maintains it has been the right thing to do for the Clarets.

“You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t," he said.

“It’s finding that balance.

"Unless you’ve got sugar daddies who can do everything all at once and pay themselves back over time, which we haven’t got, it has to be done in a balanced fashion.

"On the pitch demands and off the pitch demands all lead to a bigger-picture future, and there has to be a balance.

"I think we’re attempting to find it appropriately and still challenge on the field, as well as building off the field.

“It was something I was very strong about, something I believe is right for now, but also beyond me, whenever that day occurs."

Work was done over the summer to improve the drainage of the training site's 'bottom pitches' and Dyche added: “The pitches are already very good.

“Beyond that it’s the facility, to get everyone in a main hub of a training ground and have a real good feel factor is something to really look forward to for all concerned.

“If you want to include the development team, the Under 18 system, you do need more than what’s here.

“The pitches are key, and on top of that is a facility that can house the people properly and allow the club to build for a longer term future.

“It ticks so many boxes. Professionally it increases the professional feel and environment, the EPPP (Elite Player Performance Plan) will increase that, possible links at times for community.

“It opens up a lot more possibilities than just for the football club, and good use of the land mass as well."

After delays due to the poor weather in January work on the main building is back on track, with the structural foundations for both the accommodation for academy players and adjoining indoor arena close to completion.

The next visible change to the landscape will be the erection of the steel framework, during March.

The club gained planning permission last summer to build a brand-new training complex on the existing footprint in Padiham, which falls within National Trust boundaries.

In the summer of 2017, there is set to be a fully-functional £4.6m facility, housing all players in a dedicated new training centre for the first time, in partnership with sponsors Barnfield Construction Ltd.

The new flagship facility also includes new pitches, constructed by a third party, taking the total cost of the compete redevelopment to £10.6m.