BURNLEY chairman Barry Kilby admitted he was "relishing" the chance to herald in a new era with the Clarets.

Kilby was speaking as the club celebrated its 125th anniversary with a celebration dinner at Turf Moor last night, and, on the back of the club announcing a management re-structure, admitted he was looking forward to having a more 'hands-on' approach in moving the club forward.

Director Brendan Flood will also be working more closely with the chairman to help boost revenues in a bid to compete with their Championship rivals on a financial footing, while former chief executive Dave Edmundson has been made the club's Head of Strategic Development.

"We're going to be more hands on and (myself and Brendan) think we can run it together," Kilby said.

"I'm formally going to be here for a set number of days at a time.

"I'm relishing it. It's a little bit different in terms of responsibilties but we'll see if we can drive our revenues up.

"I was reading today that the average turnover for the Championship is £16-£17 million. Ours is £8 million. It needs some bridging.

"Our players' wage bill last season was £5 million - Birmingham's is £22 million.

"It's an uphill struggle but I'm quite proud that we've had seven seasons now in the Championship. For 20-odd before that we were down in the dumps."

Killby added that he was looking forward to working alongside Flood.

"I've known him for a little while and I think he will bring a lot to the party," he said.

"He's nearly 20 years younger than me so it gives you a new outlook.

"Burnley are really lucky in having directors who are fans that have put considerable chunks of their wealth in this club."

And Kilby revealed he will meet with manager Steve Cotterill on Friday to discuss the budget available for next season.

"We've got a meeting before the England B game and we've got a budget for him," the Clarets chairman said.

"At the moment we've got 16 players under contract. That needs to be beefed up."

He added: "It's a coincidence that the reshuffle happened around the anniversary, but hopefully there'll be 125 more years.

"It's a fabulous achievement."