IN another outstanding performance on his bike Richard Bideau of Cliviger and the Pendle Forest Cycling Club clocked up an amazing ride of a fraction short of 310 miles in the Eastern Counties 12 hour event on Sunday, writes DAVE BROWN.

It was his first attempt at the half-day event and although beaten by the 314 miles of reigning British Best All Rounder (BBAR) Adam Topham, Bideau’s ride was the fourth greatest mileage ever ridden in 12 hours.

He now leads the 2015 BBAR competition with a record average speed.

Richard was supported throughout the ride by friend Steve Irwin and they had driven down on Saturday - stopping off in Cheshire for Irwin to ride the North Lancs Time Trial Association (NLTTA) 50 mile qualifying event.

Like Bideau, Irwin also finished second to Charles Taylor but his 1 hour 44mins 53secs ride was easily good enough for him to take the 2015 NLTTA 50 mile Championship.

Irwin was in winning mode earlier in the week and fastest in both the Rossendale Road Club 10 mile at Hapton and also in the North Lancs. Road Club (NLRC) 10 mile at Edisford.

The two events were used for the annual inter-club competition where each club must field at least five members in each event to qualify.

At Hapton the NLRC fielded only four riders and forfeited the win to Rossendale who take the Malcolm Eccles Memorial Trophy for this year.

Top six in each of the two events were: Hapton ‘10’ - Steve Irwin NLRC 22mins18secs, Mark Haydock (NLRC) 23mins 4secs, Louis Szxmanski (ABC Centreville) 23mins 12secs, Adam Robinson (Vision Racing and Helmshore) 23mins 39secs, Chris Smith (Condor RC) 23mins 43secs and Josh Whitehead (RRC) 24-40. Edisford ‘10’ - Irwin 22mins exactly, Haydock 22mins 46secs, Nick Cooper (Rossendale) 23mins 25secs, Duncan Park )NLRC) 23mins 38secs, Chris Smith 23mins 53secs and Josh Whitehead 23mins 58secs.

The North Lancs Road Club series at Edisford has finished with John Foster of Mellor winning the competition.

Tonight is their annual hill climb championship on Close Brow Rishton start 7pm.

The Rossendale 10 mile at Hapton continues on Tuesday. Thursday is the final Pendle Forest 10 mile at Thornton-in-Craven with a six-mile on September 3.