SEAN Dyche wants to bring hungry players to Turf Moor to bolster Burnley’s promotion challenge.

The Clarets boss has been linked with Hungary international midfielder Daniel Tozser and is making attempts to add to his squad before the start of the season on August 8.


Burnley have already signed Matt Lowton and Jelle Vossen this summer, and Dyche is keen on players who have an obvious determination to play regularly and succeed.

Lowton arrives at Turf Moor to replace Kieran Trippier at right back after a difficult season at Villa, in which he made only 13 appearances after falling down the pecking order.

Dyche said: “He’s a player I liked and he had a desire to move on.

“He kind of had a quiet year at Villa, as regards not getting as much playing time, or game time, as he would have hoped for, but he’s thirsty for the challenge.

“Like all players, he wants to be in the Premier League, and he feels we’ve got a situation here where we can challenge to do that.

“I was quite pleased with that from his point of view as a player, and I think he was quite pleased we wanted him to come and fill an obvious gap in the team and make the best of it for us.

“There’s a thirst from players, not all players, to play. If you feel your game time is going to be limited, that can only last so long, depending what kind of animal you are.

“But most want to play. If you’re working all week and not playing at the weekend, for a time you put up with it because you hope your performances will get you back in the team, or an injury or suspension.

“But after a while, if you see no real light at the end of the tunnel, players think ‘You know what, I think I’m better in an environment where I’m going to play’.

“There are no guarantees, he knows that, but it’s fair to say a player of his standing, what he’s done and what we want him to do, and losing someone like Tripps, it’s quite apparent he will have every chance of playing if he’s well, he’s fit and he’s performing.”