I’M backing Jordan Rhodes to get his usual goal at Huddersfield tomorrow and bring up 20 for the sixth season running.

If he does that it will be an unreal achievement as I can’t stress how hard it is to be that consistent year in and year out.


As a striker you always go through a dry patch but he has kept getting into positions where you need to be to get goals – and that’s why he has always come out of barren runs and scored the amount of times he has.

That’s the difference between a goalscorer and one who isn’t – a goalscorer knows where the ball is going to be. It’s instinct, yes, but it’s also bravery.

So I could understand why Jordan was named in the Football League Team of the Decade.

Why wouldn’t he be when he looks like scoring 20 goals a season for more than 50 per cent of those 10 years?

And the crazy thing is, he’s not even top scorer at Blackburn at the moment. All credit to Rudy Gestede for that. He was brought in to take the pressure off Jordan but now he’s leading the way.

With those two in the team, we really should be closer to the play-offs than we are.

Gary Bowyer made a good point after the 3-3 draw with Nottingham Forest that Rudy should be furious with his team-mates for not winning that match after he scored a hat-trick.

I’ve been saying it all season. Until we sort the defence out – and I don’t just mean the back four, but the defending as team – we will not get up because you should never need to score four to win a match.

Gary says he needs leaders and he’s right. We need someone in there who says, ‘we’re not going to throw this away today’ and someone who will give the rest of the lads a kick up the backside when they need it.

If he can get that and keep Jordan and Rudy, we should do better next season.