THE good news is I’ve woken up since Reading; the bad news is I’m beginning to remember it.

It was a desperately poor game, your typical end-of-season fixture.


You can understand Reading having their big FA Cup semi-final on their minds and Blackburn really should have taken advantage of that.

Instead they produced a very poor performance.

They were better at Birmingham on Tuesday but not for the first time bad habits cost them the three points.

I’ve said it all season, and toward the end of last season as well, that you if you’re going away from home and scoring two goals you should be winning the game.

Yes missed chances were costly at St Andrews but I still think there’s too much pressure on the goalscorers.

They know if they’re not going to get two or three there’s always that chance the team won’t be able to keep it tight at the other end.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been more clean sheets lately, but there’s always a danger of Blackburn switching off for a few minutes.

And when that happens the opposition always seem to score.

You need to be physically and mentally strong, especially away from home, and you’ve got to defend as a team right from the front.

Gary Bowyer said as much after Birmingham that Blackburn are not that yet and I’m sure he’ll be looking to see if they can be that from now until the end of the season and in pre-season as well.

But, saying that, I’m sure the Blackburn fans would be quite happy to see 4-3 wins in these last four games.

Nothing can come of this season now so why not go out there, especially in the home games, and just attack from the off.

The supporters would enjoy that and so would the players as it’s great to come off the field thinking, ‘what a good game that was to play in’.

Whereas last Saturday at Reading I’m sure the players were thinking, ‘I’m glad that’s finished’.

Just like the rest of us.