IT’S a massive week for Blackburn but the players cannot afford to look any further than Leeds.

I’m sure Gary Bowyer will be telling them already but they have to put Liverpool to the back of their minds.


Don’t get me wrong, players are only human, and of course they’re bound to be thinking a little bit about the big FA Cup quarter-final replay.

But all their focus in the build up to tomorrow’s match has to be on Leeds.

They can’t afford to go out there thinking, ‘I’ll take it steady and won’t go fully into tackles today’, because if they do that, that’s when you get injured.

But I’m sure that won’t be the case because no-one will want to miss the Liverpool match.

It’s going to be really, really hard and usually against a top team like Liverpool you only get one chance to knock them out.

But if we can get at them early and get an early goal then you just never know.

Maybe it’s a good time to play them, too.

They’ve got Steven Gerrard and Martin Skrtel suspended, Daniel Sturridge injured, and then they’ve got all this business with Raheem Sterling.

Then you’ve got to remember the fact they’ve got a massive match of their own tomorrow against Arsenal.

Lose that and their hopes of Champions League football look over for another season – so let’s hope Arsenal give them a good going over!

If they do, Liverpool will be coming here under even more pressure.

But whatever happens, it should be a fantastic night and hopefully the team will put on a performance and convince the extra fans that are attending to come back again in the future.

But firstly, it’s all about the game at Leeds.

If we can go there and win, it would be the best possible way to go into the Liverpool game.