THE play-offs look to have gone for Rovers but Leeds away on Saturday is still a big game.

Trips to Elland Road should always be looked forward to. While the ground does not get as full as it used to, it can still generate an unbelievable atmosphere.


And that’s what the Rovers players should also expect to encounter when they walk out at Ewood Park next Wednesday for the FA Cup replay with Liverpool.

A lot of people are saying the season rests on that match now.

It’s hard to disagree, but it’s important we finish as high as we can in the league and it’s important we go into the game on the back of a win.

The last thing we want to do is take on Liverpool after a third straight league defeat.

I’m sure their players will know they’re going to be in for a tough game after what happened at Anfield.

But going to Elland Road and picking up the three points would show we really mean business.

The players who are picked to play against Leeds have got to use it as chance to stake a claim for a place in the line-up against Liverpool or, at least, show they are fit and ready to go if called upon.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if Gary Bowyer hasn’t already made his mind up when it comes to the side he will select for the replay.

It was clear he did that before the first match at Anfield with the team he picked for Sheffield Wednesday away.

He has changed his team throughout this run to the quarter-finals and I can’t see him altering that approach now given it’s got us this far.

Yes we’ve been lucky in that we’ve had opposition players getting sent off and injured but we have done very well to get as far as we have.

We’re just one step away from a visit to Wembley and just two steps away from a place in the final so I’m sure Gary will play the team he thinks can hurt Liverpool the most.

That may well mean he has to change things for Leeds. If the Liverpool game is our season, it could well be a case of, why throw all our eggs into one basket on Saturday?

If we do that we could well come out with a few cracked ones and that would be unfortunate given the importance of the match that follows it.

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