AS a player you have to think positively even if that is different to what the supporters are thinking.

That is why I can understand Blackburn’s manager and players insisting that there is still time to make the play-offs.

And, you know what, there is still time. Unfortunately we’re running out of it fast.

The draw at home to Blackpool on Saturday was a poor result to say the least.

It was pretty disappointing because I’m sure it’s one we all hoped would result in a convincing victory.


I suppose it could have been worse, we could have got beat, but all it did was put us a further two points back from the play-offs and put more pressure on the games we’ve got coming up.

The first of those came last night at home to Norwich and whatever the result, I still believe we need 10 wins if we are to stand any chance of making the play-offs.

That’s easier said than done as at the moment we’re struggling to string more than one win together.

We haven’t threatened to go on the run we need to go on but what we have seen is a lot of inconsistency.

You can put down to having a lot of young players, which we currently have, but there is experience in that group who can help.

Unfortunately that has not helped us show the kind of consistency we need to but you have got to keep believing there is chance until it is mathematically impossible.

I know that is not what fans always want to hear but, as a player, you’ve got to do that, and if you lose one game or draw one game, you’ve just got to go out in your next match and try and put it right.

Whatever the result from last night we know that Saturday’s trip to Bournemouth is going to be a very hard game.

They have surprised me how good a season they have had and all credit to Eddie Howe. He has done a fantastic job there over two spells.