IT’S so tough to know what Blackburn Rovers’ best strike force is right now, and I think you have to decide it based on the opposition in each match.

It was a great victory over Stoke and to be honest I really didn’t expect it.

I thought Rovers would give Stoke a game, but I didn’t see them winning 4-1 - especially when they went 1-0 down.


Josh King’s hat-trick was fantastic and I think he has improved an awful lot in the last 12 months.

I looked at him sometimes last season in away games and thought, ‘He’s not all there’.

But I was really impressed with his performance against Stoke.

I think you’ve always got to play Rudy Gestede because of the goals he has scored this season.

But after that I think you have to base your decision on the opposition.

The manager will look at the opposition and think ‘against this team Josh King might do well’ and ‘against this one Jordan might be the one to pick’.

I think he did that against Stoke. He looked at Stoke and thought that there was not a lot of pace in their side, so he put Josh King in and it worked really well.

With the options that Rovers have up front, it’s no surprise that they are letting Luke Varney go out on loan – even if it is a bit surprising that he’s actually going to go up the table to Ipswich.

But I think it’s the right move for him and for the club.

With the forwards they’ve got here, I can’t see him getting a look in.

I’m very happy with the attacking options Rovers have – not just up front but in terms of attacking midfielders. It’s just at the back and the need to get clean sheets.

The cup run has been great for the club, it builds momentum and confidence.

I just hope they can go on a run in the league now. They’re 10 points behind the play-offs and they need to go on a 14 or 15-game run.

They can’t afford for that gap to get any bigger or for them to get into a situation where they’ve got to win all of their last seven or eight games.

That was pretty much the situation last season and they just missed out.