I REALLY do think Blackburn have got a good chance of causing another FA Cup shock tomorrow.

They should be playing with confidence after two wins out of three in the league and even the one they lost, at Watford, was very unlucky.

Stoke have also been on a good run but they had a big defeat to Manchester City in the week and they will coming to Ewood Park with all the pressure on.


They are the Premier League side and they are expected to win.

That’s why Blackburn should just go out there and enjoy it. No-one outside of the club will be really expecting them to topple another top-flight side so why not go out there and play with freedom?

Get an early goal, get in Stoke’s faces and then let’s see how they respond.

But one thing is for certain they will have to take the chances that come their way as they will not get as many as they had against Watford.

I was there and I was very impressed with Blackburn.

I thought they kept the ball well, worked as hard as ever, and certainly in the second half, were the more dangerous side.

But if you create chances then you really have to take them – especially if you are Blackburn.

Whenever I’m watching them and it is 0-0 I’m worried because I always think they are going to concede.

It’s always in the back of my mind that they’ll lose concentration, even if it is just for a minute or two, and the other side will score.

That’s what happened at Watford who barely had a shot in the second half up until their goal.

But, fair play to Blackburn, they bounced back on Tuesday with a hard-fought win over Rotherham.

Now the aim has to keep their improved form ticking over before they play Cardiff on Tuesday.

And there would be no better way than doing that by sending Stoke the same away as Swansea.

Cup runs don’t happen often so when they do you have to grasp them.