EVEN if you are not scoring goals a sign of a good striker is if you are still getting in the position to score goals.

That’s what Jordan Rhodes has been doing and I was delighted to see him back on the scoresheet in the win over Fulham.


The great thing about Jordan is, even if he is going through a bit of a dry patch, he will never shirk and say,’ ‘I’m not making those runs today because I’m having a bit of bad time’.

He’ll still get in there and if he gets the right service he will get you goals – and that’s the hardest thing to do.

And I think it’s even harder for strikers nowadays because of the size of squads clubs have.

If you’re having a tough time now you will lose your place or the manager will give you a rest.

In my day it wasn’t too bad because we just did not have the strength in depth that clubs have now.

Don’t get me wrong, there were times when I was dropped and there times when I didn’t score.

Christmas, I remember, was always a tricky one for me, I’d go weeks without a goal, but eventually they would come back.

That’s what happened with Jordan and hopefully he will go on a run now.

Speaking of Blackburn strikers I see it was 60 years ago this week that Tommy Briggs scored a record seven in one game for the club.

I knew all about Tommy when I was playing for the club because he also held the record for most goals in total for Blackburn.

When I first joined the club I never thought I would break that record, not for a second.

So it was great to break it but, I tell you, it was getting more and more nerve-racking the closer I got to it.

I went through a patch when I never thought I would get there but, like I said, I just kept on getting in those positions, like Jordan has been doing, and eventually I got my rewards.