TOMORROW kick-starts a run of four home games out of the next six in the league.

And Blackburn have got to be looking to take 12 points from those games if they are going to get back near the play-offs. But to do that they are going to have to end this winless run they are on in the Championship.


When you are on the type of run Blackburn are on the only thing you can do as players is knuckle down on the training ground.

They say hard work brings rewards and I’m a great believer in that. If you are putting a shift in on the training ground, and all sticking together, results will turn around.

It doesn’t matter how they turn around. It would be great to beat Fulham easily tomorrow but I’d take a lucky win and a goal going in off one of their defender’s backsides.

There’s a lot to be said for playing well but believe me, the only way you truly restore confidence is by getting three points.

I was hopeful Blackburn could do that at Derby. It was always going to be a very tough game but, after the FA Cup win over Swansea, I thought there was a chance.

In hindsight I wonder if Gary regretted not going with the same team that started against Swansea.

That team must been have been on a high and thinking, ‘if we can beat a Premier League side, we can beat Derby too’.

But hindsight is a wonderful thing and it’s tough when you’ve got a big squad of players who you think can all come in and do a job.

Management is a hard job but they all know that they live and die by results.

At the moment Blackburn are out of form in the league but one win could turn it all round.

If they get can that win tomorrow, the matches that follow give them a real chance to get back up the table and get knocking on the door of those play-off places again.