I NEVER agree with Rovers fans booing the team off the pitch but after a shocking performance and result like Sunday’s it is understandable.

We have been put through the mangle in recent seasons and although things are much better off the pitch, they seem to be getting worse on it.


Gary Bowyer is like Marmite among Rovers supporters at the moment.

Many are pleased with the way his stewardship has seen the circus leave town and the new stability that has been instilled in and around Ewood Park.

But a growing number are concerned at the performances on the pitch and the lack of consistency that continually lets us down.

Nobody can argue with the start he made.

He steadied the ship in two caretaker stints during that crazy season that saw Venky’s hiring a different gaffer seemingly every week.

And he was rewarded with the job permanently last year, garnering a respectable 70 points - a total that would ordinarily guarantee a play-off place.

The problem is that his early success bred expectation and it appears that expectation may not be met.

We are more than half way through the season and, despite having managed to get ourselves right up into that coveted top six a couple of weeks ago, we now find ourselves six points behind.

I can’t say I am withdrawing my support for Bowyer as Rovers manager as I still think it is too early and I still say his hand in bringing stability for the first time since the takeover has been vital.

But there are some frustrating questions that need to be answered.

Why, when things are clearly not going our way, especially at home, are substitutions and/or major tactical changes not made earlier on in games?

What has David Dunn done to suddenly render himself unusable from the bench when, to most supporters’ minds, mine included, he is one of the most creative players we have?

Why are the players not performing as well as they can?

Are there issues with motivation or can they just not be bothered any more?

Why do we seem to lack any sense of urgency in matches?

Why has Jordan Rhodes stopped scoring?

Then again, possibly the key question is are we all just over-estimating the squad’s capabilities and expecting too much?

Also, for those supporters calling for a change in manager, who could realistically be expected to come in and do a better job?

We all saw the calibre of Bowyer’s predecessors and in the light of Financial Fair Play, Championship football and Venky’s style of club ownership, surely most managers of real pedigree would simply say ‘no thank you’ and wait for the next opportunity.