ROVERS have never threatened legal action against the Football League over the transfer embargo they knew was coming.

But surely that has to change if the League does not or cannot penalise QPR for breaking exactly the same Financial Fair Play rules.

It came as a surprise when confirmation came through this week that Rovers, Leeds and Forest will be the only clubs prevented paying fees for new players until the summer at least.

It is hard to swallow that the likes of Bolton, Bournemouth and Middlesbrough have not also been hit by a ‘FFP embargo’.

But the fact of the matter is they are in the clear and Rovers are left to pay the price for the ridiculous contracts they handed out after relegation from the Premier League.

The club has already said it will ‘respect the rules of the Football League’.

That is fair enough as, let’s face it, presently Rovers have not got a leg to stand on.

But those rules will not be worth the paper they are written on unless retribution is forthcoming to QPR too.

To recap the punishment for clubs who posted more than a £8m loss for last season and have remained in the Championship – Rovers, Leeds and Forest – is an embargo.

Whereas the punishment for clubs who posted more than a £8m loss for last season and have won promotion to the Premier League will be a fine.

Play-off winners QPR seem certain to be hit with a fine – and a massive one at that.

But it also seems certain that their owner, Tony Fernandes, will fight it.

If he does it will throw into question why Rovers, Leeds and Forest should accept their punishments.

It’s a case of ifs buts and maybes, of course, until the League reveal exactly what they are going to do about the QPR problem.

Gary Bowyer, therefore, must plan ahead in the belief that any new signings he makes this month must be loans or frees.

Who would bet against the Rovers boss pulling another rabbit out of the hat given his prowess in the market?

Of more concern will be keeping his squad together, a squad, as it stands, has the quality to challenge for a play-off place.

Bowyer is only being honest when stating the likes of Jordan Rhodes, Rudy Gestede and Ben Marshall could attract interest from Premier League clubs once the window opens.

That was always going to be a danger.

 It’s just that Rovers may appear more susceptible to bids now it is clear to the wider football world they need to continue to cut losses.

But, as I have previously stated in this column, the club should resist any attempts to lure away their star names this month.

What Rovers will not be able to do anything about is if Fulham, as appears likely, and Bolton, possibly, recall Ryan Tunnicliffe and Alex Baptiste midway through their season-long loans.

That will be tough to take.

But not as much as seeing QPR get away without penalty.