I HOPE Saturday’s win over Charlton has taught Blackburn a valuable lesson going into today’s derby at Bolton.

As it should have showed them that if they work as hard as the opposition, or even harder, then their quality should shine through and they will win the game.

There are a lot of teams who are of a same sort of standard in the Championship.

But the one thing you can guarantee with those teams is that they will work very, very hard.

I don’t think Rovers worked hard enough in the Brentford defeat but it appears they did against Charlton.

Gary Bowyer has got a squad containing quality, especially at the top end of the field, which a lot of the sides in the Championship cannot match.

So if Blackburn can press as high and as hard as they did against Charlton then they will certainly win more games than they will lose.

It should also lead to more chances and goals for Jordan Rhodes.

Playing Ben Marshall in front of three hard-working midfielders really benefited Jordan on Saturday as he knew there was a player behind him who could pick out his runs.

It’s going to be a tough game at Bolton today and you’ve got to say Neil Lennon has done a great job in turning them around.

They were in a bad position when he took them over but he’s gone in there and got results straight away.

It’s a derby and Blackburn have got to be up for it.

I’m sure they will be as, with more than 4,000 fans roaring them on, they’ll want to give them something to cheer about.

Bolton are certainly giving their fans that at the moment and they are not conceding goals.

But the thing with Rovers is I always believe they will create chances.

So a lot will depend on how they defend and if they can keep a clean sheet I can see them getting the win which would set things up very nicely for Middlesbrough on Sunday.

Finally I’d just like to say Merry Christmas to all Rovers supporters. Keep getting behind the team!