I WOULD put Jordan Rhodes straight back in the side and go two up top against Leeds tomorrow.

By doing that it will really show Blackburn’s intent to take the game to their Yorkshire rivals.

I think Jordan will be better for having a break.


He only played a few minutes of Blackburn’s last match at Brighton and, with the international weekend, he’s had a couple of weeks off to recharge himself.

I bet he can’t wait to get out there again and I wouldn’t bet against him getting a goal.

I said last week that there’s nothing wrong with going away from home and putting one up top.

But there’s also nothing wrong with giving your best players a rest and I think Jordan must have played in more or less every league game since he joined Blackburn.

I know there is a lot of talk nowadays about whether footballers should be getting tired.

But there is no doubt the game has changed and has got tougher.

In the last 10-15 years the intensity, week in and week out, has only got higher and you really do have to be super fit to play the game.

So if that was Gary Bowyer’s thinking behind leaving Jordan on the bench against Brighton, good on him.

He should be refreshed now and ready to fire Blackburn to victory tomorrow.

A win would be perfect preparation for next weekend’s trip to Middlesbrough, a team who are right up there and who have surprised me this season.

And there is no reason why we can’t get the three points tomorrow because Blackburn have been beaten only once at home this season and because Leeds are not the team they once were.

We’ve got to get at them early doors, see if their players’ heads drop, and push their backs against the wall with relentless pressure.

But I tell you one thing, even if Blackburn do that, you can bet the Leeds fans will stick with their side.

You’ve got to give them credit, no matter how Leeds are doing, you’ll always find them mobbed up in the away end.